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As the logic goes, as you build a name and reputation, you can then command higher prices. It costs extra money to have packages picked up, which is why I drop it off. Learn more about royalties here. Again, attending events like this and talking to many artists not just one or two, will give you a good sampling of what you can expect. Using simple, basic neutral framing and matting design like black, white or grey, and to use plain wood or metal with few decorative accents, allows photos to be used in any room, in any house or office, and with just about any photograph. Those who attempt this path often find that the business is not so much about photography, but that of distribution. Regarding the glass, framers advise using Plexiglas instead of regular glass because it's lighter and doesn't break as easily, thus making shipping easier, less expensive and less likely to result in a damaged product. As for numbering prints, this is another aspect to art photography that is somewhat misunderstood by artists. But, because it is also a reflection of you getting advice on trouble-free stock photography strategies your taste, sophistication, values, etc., people's comparative analysis, whether valid or not, tells them that more expensive items are worth it.

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We artists get excited when someone shows interest, and often oversell the piece because, well, most people back down, and we don't want to let them go. Of the rare art buyer who happen to be impulsive, it's usually because they need something and they've been thinking about it in the backs of their minds now and then. Simple example: selling 10 prints for $10 each yields $100, but a sale of one print for $250 yields more than twice as much. There are many factors that affect sales volumes and perception of value, so let's get started. If you are selling art through an agent, gallery, distributor or other reseller, they are generally your best advisers on how to price your work. For the rest of us who cannot rely on name recognition to affect price or saleability, we need to look at other decision-making factors that affect people's perception of value. What's more, if I were out-of-town, I couldn't fulfil orders till I returned. Photo by Kristin Wynn Photography Contest WINNER Instaproofs Inc. Fulfilling your orders and ordering prints has never been easier. Accuracy responsibility of goggle Maps If you see this text, the map is still loading or there's an error.